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Monday, February 22, 2010

Creating a web feed for a file system directory

I just wrote a little python script which generates a web feed for a folder with text files. When run, the script detects the 10 last added/changed files and outputs them as entries in a feed file. This makes it possible to easily create a web feed with just some shell scripting.

To use the script:
  • download it here and make it executable
  • edit the configuration values at the start of the script
  • execute the script regularly, e.g. from a cron job
  • if not generating the file directly on a web server, publish the feed file on the web (e.g. with scp or just write it to your public dropbox folder)
I have used the W3C feed validation service to check that the resulting file is a valid atom syndication feed. However, the configuration values are important for the validation so check that the generated feed still validates after configuring.

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