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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recording phone calls on a S60 phone.

I love gmail. I haven't needed to delete email since I started using it. And the search feature is awesome. I wish my entire life could be archived and searched just as easily. And why not? For example, everything I hear could in principle be recorded to files and archived. Add a dash of speech-to-text and I could have a searchable history of all my conversations.

Right now however, I only archive email and the occasional cameraphone snapshot or video (and chat logs and text messages, but I should archive them better). In pursuit of the goal "log everything", I'm going to try and add something to that list: phone conversations.

My nokia smartphone is build on the S60v3 symbian platform. There exists a python interpreter for that platform, and it comes with modules for doing a lot of stuff. According to the documentation, you can run code in response to incoming calls. You can also record audio. This should be all I need to start logging my phone calls.

Yay, we've got ourselves a project :)


Ali said...

wim - i'd like to take this recording phone calls on s60 idea further if you have time. is there an email address or skype account i can contact u at? thanks. -ali

Wim Coenen said...

Yes, my gmail username is wcoenen.

(I'm not spelling out the email address to avoid email harvesting by spammers, but as you probably know: gmail adresses are of the form